Perspectives from the Choir Loft

In her 1996 Essentials Collection, Dionne Warwick asks, “What’s it all about, Alfie?” Indeed, that is a key question. It’s the cry of a lost soul wondering how life, after chasing excesses that leave his soul in shambles, could have any meaning at all. More than just the title of a song written and made famous almost 60 years ago, the lyrics ask relevant questions haunting the hearts of the lost and searching among us still today.

Perspectives From the Choir Loft is a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious devotional book that isn’t afraid to ask why. Why do Christians act the way they do? Why is the Bible still relevant today? And, why are moose never mentioned in the Bible? Relevant questions all.

John Lennox, a Christian apologist, recently observed that the Church often does not do well with bringing people to Christ because it does not adequately answer their questions. Perspectives From the Choir Loft is a book designed to encourage thinking about and responding to pertinent questions in a way that breaks away from the usual tried and true approach. So, if you’re willing to spend a few moments thinking about new ways to respond to questions you thought you knew the answers to, then maybe you should consider gaining some new Perspectives From the Choir Loft!

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