Psalm 30

God forgave me and loves me.  Jesus died for me and rose again.  As a result, I too can rise again. The Lord has also blessed me with a wonderful family and friends. Without question, I have received many blessings due to the Lord’s impact on my life.  In fact, if I took the time, I could easily compile a list of at least 1000, though it would take a little while to write them. God tells us to cast our cares upon Him, because he cares for us.  God wants to be a significant part of our lives. He also wants us to know just how much He loves us.

All of us desire to be loved. We want to know we are appreciated for who we are. I believe God is similar in this respect. I think He wants us to love Him because He cherishes being loved. Importantly, God wants to be loved, but for the right reasons. He’s not interested in a false love sourced from contrived circumstances. He wants our affection for him to be based upon our individual choice with no inappropriate influence or coercion. That’s why we have free will.  When we love God freely of our own volition, our feelings are valuable because they are true.  “Why?” you may ask, because two key foundational elements of our relationship with the Lord will be mutual caring and affection based on our own personal choice to participate.

Those of us who know God and love Him understand the depth and breadth of His affection for us. When we take time to give it some serious consideration, we will be overwhelmed by the wonderful blessings we have received at our Lord’s hands. Indeed, when we realize where we would be without God’s impact on our lives, it becomes difficult to imagine what we would do.

Many songs have been written and sung, many books have been compiled and read, and many witnesses have spoken and been heard; yet the full sum of the blessings of God is still not known. But we do not need to know the full sum; just enumerating a reasonable sample will give us an excellent understanding of the significant height of the mountain of blessings God has laid at our feet.

So, it’s your turn to complete your list. Do you have some pens and big supply of paper ready?

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